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The secret to happiness, health and wealth starts with empowerment to be the best version of yourself to achieve the success youdesire.

The 108-Magic™was born out of a lifelong passion for manifestation of success and the desire to help those seeking abundance.  Every step of its journey is represented by research, expertise and experience to select premium products catered for those who appreciate the power of the mind to manifest a different reality through commitment, focus anddetermination to thrive at the most challenging times in order to achieve success.

The 108-Magic story began with its founder seeing the number 108 repeatedly and the curiosity of its important significance. Innumerology, the number 108 is symbolic of high positive vibrations, sacredness and divine order.  It is considered a lucky number in many cultures, as its presence bestows guidance towards the achievement of balance and happinessinones’ journey in spite of any challenges.

The vibration and power behind 108 is a high vibration of creativity, intelligence, abundance, commitment, love and fertility.  The meaning of number 108 in numerology comes from the addition of the number 1+0+8 = 9 which is carries great spiritual and humanitarian energy boosting the significance of its individual numbers.


The composition of the holy number 108

Number 1

Symbolises new beginnings and the first point of manifestation, as it calls for a higher energy vibration of abundance, prosperity, and success.

Number 0

A key number as it magnifies the energies of numbers 1 and 8 and the intensity of their symbolism.  It symbolises eternity, wholeness and divine intervention.

Number 8

This number is associated with power and influence, its presence in the number 108 adds powerful energy to the achievement ofgoals, success, abundance and prosperity.

The discovery of 108 is a sign of reediness to untap change and unlimited possibilities by recognising the deeper wisdom and theresources present before your eyes to improve your life as well as the other lives in endless ways.  The 108 store provides quality and innovative products to enable you to call and use your strength and commitment to meet new opportunities along your journey and overcome any obstacles blocking your path to success.

How does the art of manifestation work?

Manifestation empowers you to be your best self by manipulating the energy frequency using various elements on a daily basis such as mantras, visualisation, feelings and gratitude practises which can tracked and measured through journaling;  the latter will enable challenges to be tackled as the practice of reflection, action and reaction ought to be a learning opportunity for growth and development on the journey to success. 

The brain has difficulty in handling uncertainty.  Visualisation brings the level of comfort required to cope with new situations and take calculated risks.  Thoughts backed by actions leads to improvement of the executive functions of the brain regulated by emotion.  This will enable one to overcome any bias, complex challenges and even habits to turn negative situations into positive ones altering the trajectory for long term success. 

Manifestation is a proactive practice.  It helps to focus on the WHY and the COMMITMENT to a path of long term success. 

Visualisation and the positive feelings associated with its practice is key to goal setting because it gives action the direction, commitment and the drive to achieve the result.  The effectiveness of manifestation relies on contrasting the current realitywith the achievement of a goal, followed by the identification of possible obstacles and tackling the initial ones and then outlininga plan of action defined by the reward of its achievement. 

It is with that spirit that the 108-Magic™is set out to be a one-stop for all your manifestation needs, providing a selection of premium products and accessories to enable you manifest a journey of success and abundance. Our products are meant to give direction to every action turning visualisations into reality. 

The 108-Magic™is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle and its philosophy calls for the experience of a higher manifestation power.


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